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UPDATED: Victims allege film posted on WhatsApp was stolen from mobile during repairs

The Police are investigating a video clip circulating widely on WhatsApp and Facebook about a sexual act between a man and a young Maltese woman.

The video clip was uploaded on social media showing the woman’s face during the sexual act in a car. In the film the woman is shown wearing a shirt representing the company where she is employed. is informed that the company concerned is investigating the case involving its employees.

Contacted by, Jeremy Camilleri, who is representing the two employees, revealed the film was private and was stolen with malicious and criminal intent. He said the youth and the girl shown are in a relationship and have lodged a Police report. They are alleging the film was stolen some months ago when their mobile was being repaired.

Camilleri had harsh words for those who ‘shared’ the video. “Thank you for continuing to ruin the lives of the persons involved who are currently undergoing hell, as well as for continuing to perpetrate lies regarding the private lives of these persons” said Camilleri.

Contacted by, Inspector Sandro Camilleri maintained it is illegal for a person to post such a video without consent. He said that resulting from the amended law, a person found guilty of this criminal act faces a two year prison sentence and a fine of €3,000. He said the law applies equally to the original posting as well as to those who shared it on social media.

On their part the Foundation for the Rights of Women said it is ready to offer the woman involved all legal assistance without payment to safeguard her rights. Chairperson Dr Andrea Dibben, urged those who know the victim may contact her on [email protected]

Meanwhile in September last year a 31-year-old Italian woman committed suicide because a film of her taking part in a sexual act had been widely circulated on social media.