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Girl with autism gives concert to inspire other children with a disability

The parents of Alessia – a girl with autism who excels in music and has even given her first concert – are working to create other opportunities, through the us of music, for other children with a disability. Cynthia Bonnici, Alessia’s mother, said that music has helped her daughter to express her abilities to such an extent that she wishes for other children with a disability to have the same chance.

Alessia Bonnici is 13, and because she has autism, she does not speak very much and finds it difficult to communicate. However, Alessia is a brilliant piano player and violinist, and after just a few music lessons, she was able to read the notes and play them immediately.

A few days ago, Alessia with the help of her parents gave a concert entitled Music Speaks at the De la Salle palace in Valletta, whose aim is to inspire other children with a disability to showcase their hidden talents.  Alessia’s mother, Cynthia Bonnici told TVM that they had such a positive reaction that she is working to create similar opportunities for other children.

“With this bit of good we have done, we wish to build a foundation on which we can build on for the future, and always give the example that an individual with a disability can be an active part of society.”

Alessia can read music very quickly and it is the only way she has to express what she is feeling and what she knows. Her mother explained that through this experience she wishes to encourage and give hope to other parents.

“I urge parents to explore different things…music brings joy and a smile to the faces of our children, and that is what every mother and father want to see.”

Following this concert, Alessia has become a role model for other children with a disability.