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“Give me my boots and that’s all I need” – young woman who wants to spend her life as a farmer

She graduated in animal health care, but did not wish to become a veterinarian. Amaya Mercieca Frantz is 23 years old. She says she does not feel cut out to work in an office, and her greatest pleasure is when she puts on her Wellington boots at the farm and works with the dairy cows.

It is a rare sight to see at this large Ghaxaq farm: a young woman herding the cows for milking.

“A lot of women would definitely not do this type of work, but I don’t mind. I feel very proud to be a woman working here because you rarely see women working in farms,” said Amaya Mercieca Frantz.

People are often astonished to see her working as a farmer. “Many tell me ‘yuck, how can you do that work?’ for example. But if we do not do this type of work, how will others get their product? How will you have fresh milk on your table every day? How will you make your tea and coffee in the morning?”

Although the work of a farmer requires great dedication, she would not change the satisfaction she gets from it for anything else. “I cannot imagine myself cooped up working in an office. This is where I am happiest.”

There are 400 cows at this farm.  Amaya remembers some of them being born. “We love seeing them grow from young calfs into adulthood, and then you breed them and they have their own young, and then you milk them and see the quality of milk they give you.”

All this work which is carried out at the farm is for the five minutes it takes for each cow to be milked.

Amaya wants her children to follow in her footsteps. “Yes, I imagine myself spending my whole life like this and if I have children the first thing I would tell them would be to work on the farm.”

Although the number of young people who take up a career in agriculture can be counted on the fingers of one hand, Amaya says she is happy to keep working at the dairy farm. “I cannot imagine myself getting all dressed up in a suit or something like that. Definitely not. Give me my boots and that’s it, I want nothing more!”

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