Marsa public garden to be renovated through an investment of €2 million

A few days after the death of Guido Lanfranco, who dedicated a lifetime to promoting culture, folklore and Malta’s historical heritage, it has been announced that a garden in Marsa is to be regenerated and will be named after him. Work on what is known as Spencer Garden which is spread over ten tomna of land will commence in the coming weeks aimed at transforming into what is being described as an oasis of natural environment in a most urban area.

It is expected the work on the project will be completed before the end of the year and will require an investment of €2 million and will be financed by the Environment and Resources Authority ERA as well as Ambjent Malta.

The works will include the installation of a security system using cameras, greater accessibility, the removal of alien species and the greater use of water for embellishment.

The Minister for the Environment, Climate Change and Planning, Aaron Farrugia, said the project will include three tree nurseries to increase the number of local trees that may later be used to embellish the national environment.

He said the current state of the ten tumoli garden is not being properly utilised and the plan is to transform this to make it family friendly as well as for workers and children. Minister Farrugia said water will feature prominently; there will be security as well as a sustainable project of reservoirs and photovoltaic panels to make the garden as sustainable as possible.

The Executive Head of ERA, Michelle Piccinino, said the garden will be named for Guido Lanfranco because it will represent everything he had at heart – the importance of natural environment and its social links. Lanfranco created awareness among the community of a need to protect the environment and transmitted this passion to a great number of people and this helped to create environmental institutions throughout the country.

The aim of the project is to create a natural environmental oasis in a mainly urban zone that has experienced a large industrial and traffic impact. The project will benefit the community by bringing nature closer to the public.

The garden renovation will include a wall to decrease sound, wi-fi facilities and will be designed to be able to hose various events.