GO invests €25 million in third underwater cable

Prime Minister Robert Abela was present at the launching of a €25 million investment that will provide GO with a third underwater cable.

The cable that will be termed La Valette, will form a part of the global project PEACE (Pakistan East Africa Connecting Europe), a multi-million euro project that consists of underwater cables linking countries throughout the world.

The length of the underwater cable will be 12,000 kilometres of which 3,785 kilometres will cover the Mediterranean system.

The project will stretch over 30 months and will commence operations in February 2022 and will stretch from Pakistan, through Kenya, Egypt, Cyprus, France, Saudi Arabia and Singapore.

The Prime Minister praised GO for continuing to strengthen its faith in Malta with its investment of €100 million in the digital infrastructure over the coming five years. He said the decision taken by GO is a concrete example of how the private sector anticipates a better future for the country.

The Minister for the Economy and Industry, Silvio Schembri, praised the project and remarked that at a time when connectivity demands increased dramatically, Malta has shown more than ever before the potential it has to offer.

He said the aim of Government is for the country to be digitalised so that nobody will fall behind and highlighted that over the coming five years €100 million is to be invested in this sphere.

GO Management explained that through this project, the company will be the first operator in the country that will have international connectivity with more countries rather than just Italy as is at present.

The fact that this cable is in the west of Malta will make GO as the first and sole operator within the country that has international connections only in the east of the Maltese Islands.