Good business for lunch at various restaurants following a 60-day closure

Today, the 10th May, saw the start of five phases in which anti-Covid measures are being relaxed.

Restaurants and snack bars owners woke up today waiting to welcome clients after almost two months closed due to the restrictions to contain the pandemic.

Apart from the reopening of snack bars and restaurants till 5.00pm, professional sports also started today, together with the no-contact sport and the reopening of travel between Malta and Gozo.

Expectations were however high for the opening of restaurants with a TVM crew earlier today visiting various restaurants which appeared filled with clients for lunch.

Entrepreneur Frankie Grima expressed his satisfaction that, following difficult months, the capital city is experiencing a revival with the opening of restaurants.

“Today is a celebration day for those in the industry and all the Maltese people. We passed through hard times however we look forward. We expect summer…today we appreciate tourism more. We used to take it for granted; I am confident that tourists will return to Malta”, Mr Grima stated.

TVM also met renowned Maltese snooker player Tony Drago who expressed his satisfaction that as a vulnerable person he can go out again in the capital, after receiving the two doses.

“I am a vulnerable person. I received the injections and feel safe. I am really proud because, although we are a small country that faced difficulties, the health authorities showed that we are capable”.

At St Julian’s and Paceville, TVM noted a certain activity, including a group of friends having a drink. “It feels good that we return to the promised normality. We feel well and very safe”.

“Obviously, we needed this change….everyone waited for this day and that we return to normality”.

Brothers Kurt and Kevin Paul Calleja, who run two restaurants, expressed their satisfaction for the response they had during the day, which they have long expected. “Today is a special day. More measures relaxed….we will return to normality. As a company we opened the second restaurant during the pandemic. The response was beautiful, we are also happy”.

The Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association welcomed the reopening of restaurants, including those in hotels.

The Association added that it appreciates the Government’s assistance, particularly the salaries subsidies, insisting that although they are opening this assistance is still needed.

It praised Prime Minister Robert Abela for the granting of €100 vouchers to every resident to be spent in shops and food establishments.

MHRA President Tony Zahra remarked that now is the time that people prudently meet, eat and enjoy life together.