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Google Maps discovers remains of man who disappeared 22 years ago

The remains of a man who disappeared 22 years ago in Florida was found thanks to  Google Maps.

William Moldt, was reported missing on 7 November 1997, after he did not return home following a night out.

The mystery behind Moldt’s disappearance was solved after Google Maps revelled that there was a sunken car in the river in Moon Bay Circle, in Wellington, Florida.

When the car was pulled out of the water, human remains were found which, after scientific testing, were identified as being that of William Moldt.

It was a resident in the area who noticed the sunken car after he decided to look at the area where he lives on Google Maps. The photo clearly showed the car under the water and he immediately contacted the police.

Moldt was 40 years old at the time and the police believe he lost control of his car, which ended up in the river and he drowned.


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