Google self-driving car crashes into bus

A self-driving Google car has crashed into a bus in California. Luckily no one was hurt.

Although this is not the first time that one of these cars has been involved in a traffic accident, this is the first time that the accident may have been caused by the driver-less car. In other accidents, the fault was always that of the other vehicles. The cause of the accident still has to be determined in a a meeting between Google and the Department of Motor Vehicles in California.

The accident happened on 14 February, not far from Google’s headquarters, when the car was coming out of a side road onto a main road. The man who was testing the Google car assumed that the bus would give way, so he did not take over the car’s control to stop it. The car kept moving at 3 km per hour, while the bus had a speed of 24 kms per hour. For this reason the impact was not very strong.

Google said that after this accident, it has made modifications in the car so that if a large vehicle is approaching it, it stops immediately. It said it has done this because there was less of a chance for a large vehicle to give way to a smaller car such as the Google car.