Current Affairs
Government announces another 62+ bond issue

Finance Minister Professor Edward Scicluna has announced the fourth 62+ bond issue for elderly persons. The bond amount will be €60 million, however the Minister said that if the demand is greater the issue will be raised to €95 million. The bond with a three per cent interest rate closes in 2025.

Professor Scicluna stated that this is an opportunity for elderly persons because the interest on these bonds is higher than the market. Preferences will be given to new applicants, although those who already have similar bonds will be considered. Individuals may invest a minimum amount of €500, up to a maximum of €10,000. Applications for the bonds will be received from the 15th July, while the prospective can be collected from the 7th July. He appealed to elderly persons to speak with their financial representatives on this investment.

Minister Scicluna denied that the Government has requested a six-month extension for the Moneyval report, as was reported in a section of the media. He said that it was the Moneyval itself which extended it from June to October due to the pandemic.