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Government announces that Commercial Court will start operating in April

Justice Minister Owen Bonnici has announced that the Commercial Court will start operating with effect from next month. This follows agreement with the Judiciary and after the passing of legislation by Parliament. Minister Bonnici was addressing the new lawyers who have been given their warrant to start practicins their profession.

156 lawyers and five legal procurators have been given their warrant to start exercising their profession at the Law Courts. During the ceremony, Justice Minister Owen Bonnici described the Courts as a hand brake on the Executive, and appealed to the new lawyers to be loyal to justice, to what is right, and to the country.

Chief Justice Silvio Camilleri reminded the new lawyers that the warrant is a certificate of trustiworthiness, and for this reason proper scrutiny has to be made on those aspiring for this profession. The Chief Justice added that wrong or incorrect behaviour by a lawyer can lead to a person’s ruin. The Chief Justice warned against avarice, and appealed to the new lawyers to be in the forefront to safeguard the rule of law.

A word of advice from Attorney General Dr Peter Grech, who urged the new lawyers to keep updating themselves on the law.

Whilst welcoming the new lawyers, Chamber of Advocates President George Hyzler explained why the Chamber had objected to the granting of a warrant to two new lawyers.

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