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UPDATED: Police carries out investigation at Jobsplus offices on Melvin Theuma’s job

Following revelations in Court regarding the job Melvin Theuma had as a messenger and driver of a government company, during which he received a salary for three months without reporting for work, the Police initiated an investigation on the case.

TVM is informed that in the past hours, the Police started an investigation, among others, at the Jobsplus offices which has the records of Mr Theuma’s job, and also in an office in Gozo, where the back-office of the government’s company, Housing Embellishment and Maintenance, is carried out. The Police also spoke with the company’s chief executive to establish the facts.

Meanwhile, the Office of the Principle Permanent Secretary denied that yesterday it issued a wrong statement when it said that the name of Melvin Theuma, the middleman in the Caruana Galizia murder, was not among the public service employees.

In yesterday’s statement, it was pointed out that the issue was being examined, and all records of Government entities were requested.

The Office today explained that government entities are distinctive from the public service and have different processes. It stated that all government entities sent records of their employees as requested, and the Ministry for the Family informed that the government’s company, Housing Embellishment and Maintenance Co Ltd, had an employee with the same name who was recruited following a public call by Jobsplus after a selection process in April 2017.

It was pointed out that Mr Theuma started his work in May 2017 and the last salary he was paid was that for the month of August 2017, when he was found that he was not attending for work.

The Office of the Principle Permanent Secretary said yesterday that at 4.23pm this information was passed to the Police.

Meanwhile, Yorgen Fenech said today in Court that, allegedly, the job was given to Theuma with the condition that he does not report to work. Fenech is the suspected mastermind in the murder and today he gave evidence in the constitutional case he instituted for the removal of Inspector Keith Arnaud from the investigation.

Theuma’s job document as transmitted by Xarabank

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