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Government condemns the brutal murder of French teacher Samuel Paty

The government has unreservedly condemned the brutal murder of the French teacher Samuel Paty.

In a statement, the Government said that it was necessary to work together to fight terrorism and bigotry and that in a world already divided, we should not allow things to worsen and escalate further by embarking on a war of words.

The government concluded by saying that “it hoped that dialogue will resume as soon as possible.”

Samuel Paty was killed near a school he taught at near Paris. A number of people have been arrested in connection with the case.

Meanwhile, Imam Mohammad El Sadi also condemned this murder, saying that Islam condemns the killing of persons due to their believes. He stressed that there is no legal justification for what happened. Those who vilify the Prophet and their supporters, he added, will not trample upon his reputation but on the contrary throw a bad light on them.