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Government placed fourth in confidence by Maltese among EU states

Confidence in humanitarian and charitable organisations in Malta was classified in the first place among the institutions of the 28 EU member states.

A survey of the Euro Foundation on the Quality of Life in Europe placed Malta among the 13 member states which have the most confidence in institutions from the European average.

In general, Malta classified in the seventh place among the 28 EU members in the Euro Foundation survey, with an average score of 5.9 from 10 points – 0.7 points more that the EU member states’ average.

Finland topped the list for the best quality of life in 2016.

According to the survey, the Maltese Government classified in the fourth place in confidence it enjoys by the Maltese people with 5.8 points, while Finland and Luxembourg shared first place with 6.2.

The Maltese Parliament has more confidence than the EU average and classified in eight place with 5.1 points. The media in Malta had 5.1 points – one and a half points less than Finland which classified first.

With a score of 6.1 and 5 points respectively, confidence by the Maltese in the Police and the legal system was less than the EU average.

Around 87%, however, responded that they feel safe from crime when they are alone at home; 79% said they feel safe when walking alone after dark.

Maltese confidence in banks classified in second place after Finland.

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