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Government reiterates its commitment to continue with reforms mentioned in EP debate

Reacting to the EP debate on Malta, the Government reiterated its commitment to continue with reforms on some points raised in the debate and to provide more resources to the institutions to be more effective. The Government said in a statement that, together with the Maltese people, it joins in the condemnation of Mrs Caruana Galizia murder, while welcoming with satisfaction that the Council of Ministers’ President praised the Maltese Government for the actions taken after the Caruana Galizia murder, including Europol involvement among others.

The Maltese Government also welcomed comments by the European Commission Vice President, Frans Timmermans, who stated that there is no general concern that Malta is not respecting its obligations with the European treaties, while calling on the European Parliament not to arrive at hasty conclusions. He also remarked on the government’s commitment to apprehend the perpetrator of the murder and thanked governments who are assisting the Maltese Government.

In the statement, the Government reiterated that it welcomes every investigation by the European institutions in Malta in the respect of the country’s sovereignty and laws. It added that it is better that today’s debate was made after the European Parliament sent a delegation to monitor the situation and the facts. The Government said that many things were said in the debate which are not true and the presented motion, includes inaccuracies which reflect that facts were not independently verified.

The Government showed its disappointment for attacks by some European MEPs on the taxation system and the citizenship programme when these conform with European regulations. The Government said that although it is clear that the vote will be in favour of the motion, it will continue to involve itself in dialogue, both locally and in the international level.

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