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Government remains focused on the country’s future – PM

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat declared that Government remains focused on the country’s future, and the country will be prepared for the future, including in the health sector. Dr Muscat stated that this will happen in the context of the coming budget. On the political front, the Prime Minister referred to those who rubbed their hands in glee whenever damage was done to Malta through speculation and gossip and the dissemination of false news.

Dr Muscat added that there were persons who had an interest in spreading false news, and queried whether this was being done to ‘dirty’ the country, and to disrupt the Magistrate and the Police and to try and prejudice the inquiry. The Prime Minister added that at some stage the need will be felt for an inquiry regarding those who have an interest in spreading false news.

During a political activity in Qala, Gozo Dr Muscat referred indirectly to a report in The Malta Independent by Maltese and foreign sources, denying what has been reported in La Repubblica, which stated that Minister Cardona had had a telephone conversation with an oil trader after the latter spoke with Daphne Caruana Galizia and Alfred Degiorgio.

The Prime Minister spoke about those who are trying to undermine institutions, adding that although he is privy to a lot of information and would like to reply to several questions, he does not want to prejudice the investigations. Dr Muscat declared that he has defended, still defends and will continue to defend the country’s institutions always, and not just when it suits him. The Prime Minister added that his attitude in Parliament when former PN leader Simon Busuttil had spoken, had been wrong. Dr Muscat stated that Dr Busuttil had a right to believe what he wanted, just as there are still some who believe the earth is flat. Dr Muscat further stated that when Dr Busuttil declares he believes Egrant belongs to the Prime Minister, he is not showing respect towards the Judiciary, the institution and rule of law, and queried whether Dr Busuttil would be doing the same in regard to other inquiries he himself had requested.

Dr Muscat declared that one’s duty always remains to the State, and for this reason Government is opening the door for discussions with the Venice Commission regarding other improvements which can be made to further strengthen Malt’s institutions. Whilst differentiating between Simon Busuttil and his clique and others within the Nationalist Party, Dr Muscat insisted that the Opposition leader has to decide whether or not he wants to lead the Opposition.

Referring to budget preparations, the Prime Minister said the budget has to continue preparing Malta for the future. Dr Muscat spoke at length on Government’s plans, discussed in Cabinet this week,  for the health sector, including the opening of more health centres and advances in health care with major investments in Mater Dei and the Gozo Hospital. Dr Muscat added that Government has plans for new hospitals for the treatment of mental health and for maternity cases.