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Government says it is close to implementing three-fourths of electoral manifesto

During the first three years of this legislature the Government has implemented three out of every four proposals in its Electoral Manifesto, either in completion stage or at an advanced state.

Minister Dr Carmelo Abela gave a summary of the main proposals implemented, including tax reductions, pension increases, the upgrading of road networks and new rental regulations, cremation and the vote at 16, among others.

Exactly three years after the 2017 electoral victory which was won on the 700 electoral proposals, he said that almost half of the proposals have been completely implemented while a further 25% are at an advanced stage and the remaining 25% commencing implementation.

He said that 76% have been implemented entirely and others at an advanced stage.

During a media conference Minister Abela said that proposals are not only implemented on paper but are being felt in every sector, including increased pensions, enhanced road structures on an investment of €700 million over seven years, an increase in free medicines and rental laws.

Dr Abela said that over the last four-and-a-half months since he was made responsible for implementation of the Electoral Manifesto there has been an 80% improvement.

He said the priority is that of implementing the Manifesto by achieving them while investigating any difficulties obstructing their implementation.

Minister Abela said the Government is committed to carry out reforms and changes, including the fulfilment of the Rule of Law and transparency as well as that of the Malta – Gozo Tunnel and the completion of 1,700 social accommodation apartments.

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