Government sets up agency to help crime victims

The Government has just set up a new agency to give support to crime victims and their families.

This was announced by the Minister for Home Affairs, National Security and Law Enforcement, Byron Camilleri who explained  that over the last four years, the victim support unit within the Police Force has helped more than 2000 crime victims.

He said that this office was being managed by a group of professionals, including those who work in the psycho-social sector and legal professionals who will also assist the victim when they appear in Court, if necessary.

Minister Camilleri said that the victims will not only be providing legal aid but also information about what happened to their aggressor, for example whether he has been sentenced, so that the victim can be better prepared.

The office will be located in Valletta and apart from the victims of the crime, support will also be given to their relatives.

The CEO of the agency, Brian Farrugia referred to European studies between 2019 and 2020 in which it was found that one out of every four citizens files a harassment report and said that they are afraid to expose what has happened to them for fear of being intimidated.

Farrugia said the service will be free and promises shelter, protection and guidelines to victims so they can lead a more independent and healthy life.

Whoever wishes to contact the agency can do so on email [email protected] or by phoning 2568 9700.