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Government to carry out educational campaign and legislative improvements for LGBTIQ community

PM Robert Abela has promised the Consultative Council for the LGBTIQ community that the Government’s liberal agenda will continue and he will work so that the word discrimination is eliminated from our vocabulary.

During a meeting at Castille, Dr Abela said that the Government would continue working to improve legislation and said that the greatest change will remain the attitude of the public. He said that where radical changes are introduced it is important for them to be accompanied by an educational campaign.

The members of the Consultative Council praised the various changes which have been carried out over the last few years for the  LGBTIQ community, including the right to enter into a civil union and the right to adoption, the banning of conversion therapy and allowing gays to donate blood. They said that these are all positive changes both from the legal perspective and also because of the changes which have occurred in people’s attitudes towards the LGBTIQ community.