Government to launch public consultation on strategy for less pollution from buildings

Environment, Climate Change and Planning Minister Aaron Farrugia and Parliamentary Secretary for Construction Chris Agius have issued for public consultation the Long Term Renovation Strategy, LTRS.

This is one of the main actions by Malta towards more efficient use of energy in construction with the aim of moving towards decarbonisation of building stock.

Minister Farrugia announced that the Government intends to invest millions of euro over the coming ten years, both in the form of schemes as well as through direct investment in the renovation of its public buildings, in order to reduce consumption by 40% in residential buildings and by 36% in non-residential buildings by 2050.

This also has the aim of reducing carbon emissions from the buildings to move towards carbon neutrality.

The scheme includes packages of energy efficiency both for habitations as well as for industry, an extensive renovation scheme and incentives to promote the generation of energy in buildings.

Proposed actions also include information campaigns, consultation schemes on energy for voluntary organisations, schemes for domestic consultancy services on energy and implementation of energy management systems in public buildings.