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Government warns Maltese in the US East Coast about Hurricane Florence

The Foreign Affairs Ministry is warning the Maltese who are currently in the US East Coast to take all necessary precautions and if necessary, to evacuate the area as soon as possible.

This is because Hurricane Florence which will be hitting the southeastern coast this week is expected to leave tragic consequences.  The states which are expected to be hit by the hurricane are: South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and possibly Georgia.

In a statement the Ministry said that Maltese citizens who are in the area should strictly follow the instructions of the US authorities.

For more information about the necessary safety procedures, one can go to these websites:

Apart from Hurricane Florence, the tropical storms Helene and Isaac have now been upgraded to a hurricane category. Although the route of these hurricanes has not yet been defined, there is a great risk that they will hit the eastern US and the Caribbean. The Maltese Embassy is therefore warning that travel to these areas should be as limited as possible until the hurricane season passes.

The emergency number of the Maltese embassy in Washington DC is: +1 202 716 3617.

Relatives of Maltese people who are travelling who wish to contact the Foreign Affairs Ministry can do so on:  (+356) 21 242 191.

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