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Government’s aims for social mobility and justice are being reached through economic growth – PM

Prime Minister and Labour leader Joseph Muscat stated that in the week during which the country’s economy was confirmed as the one with the highest rate of growth in Europe, the event which had struck him most was the inauguration of a respite centre for the families of disabled persons. Dr Muscat added that Government’s aims for social mobility and justice were being reached through economic growth.

The Prime Minister declared that Malta Enterprise had approved projects for direct foreign investment with a value of 90 million euro, and these will create 1,000 new jobs. During a political activity at Naxxar on the theme Malta ta’ Għada Suċċess għal Kulħadd (Tomorrow’s Malta a Success for Everyone), Dr Muscat said the Government wants to build a country prepared to face the future.

Referring to figures on the economy which had grown by 7.5% in the third quarter, Dr Muscat noted that Eurostat confirmed Malta had the greatest economic growth and the highest employment growth. The Prime Minister attributed this success to decisions being taken by Government.

The Prime Minister declared that Government’s aims for social justice and mobility are implemented through economic growth, and mentioned the satisfaction of many working-class families who had seen their children graduate in the past days.

Dr Muscat said Government is making a difference to people’s lives, and referred to the launch of a service which, through an investment of some one million euro, will give respite to the relatives of disabled persons. The Prime Minister added that in truth, what Government had implemented differently from others was that wealth generated through the economy is being used to make a difference to people’s lives.

Referring to the Congress of the European Socialist Party, the Prime Minister stated that the next important discussion will be about the future of employment. Dr Muscat added that we are on the threshold of an industrial revolution through artificial intelligence, which he added will endanger jobs as we know them today. Dr Muscat stated that this discussion should be started by socialist parties with a mentality which does not resist this change, but rather, supports it.

The Labour leader criticised Nationalist Governments which he said used to increase water and electricity bills,whereas today there is stability in this sector, and cheques will be issued next week with increases in children’s allowance. Dr Muscat added that this was the way for the country to move forward. The Prime Minister further stated that political pique should be aimed at which party would do its best for the country, rather that who would be in Government.


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