Government’s plan is to create confidence in investments and jobs – GWU

The General Workers Union said the Government accepted various proposals it presented for these difficult circumstances of the pandemic. It said in a statement that the aim of the economic regeneration plan is to create confidence in investment and the strengthening of jobs.

The Union stated that the Government clearly showed the main objective of resuming with the economic investment of the country, while the measures announced on Monday will continue to enhance the confidence between all social parties so that the forthcoming investment is built on solid ground with the direct involvement of the private sector.

It further stated that this should lead the country to register again economic growth, with a resilient economy that safeguards jobs and a decent livelihood for workers and pensioners.

The GWU praised the reduction of energy bills and licences of enterprises, and cheaper fuel, saying that the Government is providing the industry with more liquidity.

The Union also praised the continuity of the Covid Wage Supplement and the increase in inwork benefits, together with direct measures in the tourism industry, the property sector and incentives in the rents market, which should lead to more jobs in these sectors.

It added that the €400 million investment in infrastructural and industrial projects will enhance economic growth, while it praised the Government in guaranteeing stability in the bond market.

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