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Gozitan establishments report over 90% occupancy during weekend

Tourism and Consumer Protection Minister, Julia Farrugia Portelli and Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri said that internal tourism has gained momentum since a number of measures were eased, particularly in food establishments.

They said that many accommodation establishments reported surpassing 90% and more of their occupancy in Gozo. It was also pointed out that a number of restaurants registered a good week, especially towards the weekend during which, the Gozo Tourism Association said they had an average of between 90 to 120 during the weekend.

During a visit to food and accommodation establishments, the two ministers said that such figures augur well for the internal tourism market during which, last year only, there were 280,000 Maltese who crossed over to Gozo
for holidays.

Tourism Minister Farrugia Portelli said the Government immediately had a clear strategy on the way forward. “We said from the start that we will enjoy summer and started with internal tourism”. She added that this is crucial so that the country will again safely recover its economic growth.

Minister Clint Camilleri said that Gozo Channel figures clearly show an increase in passengers and vehicle traffic to Gozo. Regarding self-catering residences, such as farmhouses in Gozo, he said that there is already a good occupancy and many Maltese are choosing Gozo for their holidays.

Gozo Tourism Association president Joe Muscat stated that the fact that Gozitan establishments reported over 90% occupancy during the weekend confirms the importance of the domestic market for Gozo.

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