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Gozitan girl’s design to feature on new €2 coin in aid of MCCF

The symbols of peace and solidarity have been reproduced by a Gozitan girl in the winning design for a two-euro coin  being issued by the Central Bank in aid of the Community Chest Fund piggy bank.

President Marie Louise Coleiro Preca again appealed for a stop to hate speech and bullying, which she said are blunting the sense of peace in Maltese society. The President made this statement during the announcement of the winning design in a children’s competition for the design of a commemorative two-euro coin, with this year’s theme being Peace.

Twelve-year-old Gozitan student Katya Muscat came up with the winning design in this competition, entitled “Mit-Tfal b’Solidarjeta'” (From the Children through Solidarity), organised by the Central Bank in collaboration with the Education Ministry and the Community Chest Fund Foundation.

Katya, who attends the Bishop’s Conservatory secondary school in Gozo, was the youngest participant in this competition.

Central Bank Governor Mario Vella said the coin will be issued by the Central Bank, with profits going to the Community Chest Fund.  Vella added that this initiative is a way for the Bank to contribute to the good of the community. Last year the Community Chest Fund received 82,000 euro through this initiative.


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