Gozitan ordered to pay €11,000 plus 200 hours of community work

Jason Zammit, 34, from Għajnsielem, Gozo, was ordered to pay €11,000 and carry out 200 hours of community work instead of being sent to jail after being found guilty of fraudulently making money out of four quad bikes which were not his.

The case goes back to July 2008 when Zammit began to make a profit from the four bikes which are valued at €2,300 each. The quad-bikes had been entrusted to Galea by Brian Gulliemier and Charles Bianco.

In handing down his sentence, Maġistrate Joe Mifsud said that the Court considered that in the circumstances, Zammit should pay for his behaviour not only by giving back the money which he had made out of items which were not his, but said it would be better if he continued to work and in that way he would have enough to pay his victims the balance of the money due to them.

On the other hand, the Court said that the Zammit needed to understand the significance of his wrong behaviour, and that he should give something back to society which he had offended with this crime.

In the light of this, the Court ordered Zammit to carry out 200 hours of community work which would ensure that at the same time he would not be a burden on society.