Gozitans are expecting a better August in terms of tourism

Gozitan businesses and establishments are expecting tourism in Gozo to be better this August than it was last year.

In comments to Television Malta, the Chief Executive of the Gozo Tourism Association said that as a result of the Fast Ferry service the number of Maltese who go up to Gozo in the evening for supper had increased.

Gozo is expected to be bursting with activity in August with Maltese and tourists spending their holidays on the “Island of the Three Hills” in the middle of summer when normally, this would mark the peak of the tourist season.

Tour operators told TVM that hotel bookings this year are higher than they were in August last year, the same year when the pandemic struck.

The Chief Executive of the Gozitan Tourism Association Joe Muscat said that this increase was due to various factors as more Maltese and foreigners were choosing to spend their holidays on the island of Gozo.

“You have bookings of incoming foreigners which depend on circumstance that they are changing both in Malta and also in their country. You will have cancellations due to the restrictions imposed including those related to children which creates a certain shift, which affects another sector – i.e the domestic market. We are expecting August to be a good month in the circumstances we are in. ”

Muscat added that in addition to the tourists who stay in hotels, the Gozitan tourism sector is benefiting from the business of Maltese who have a second residence in Gozo, and also through the use of Government vouchers.

Maltese residing in Goz are having an impact on various related services including retail outlets, many of which frequent restaurants and outlets.

“I think there is a good mix of both Maltese and tourists but also Gozitans. The Fast Ferry will surely help the domestic market ‘two way’, rather than have only Maltese who use the Fast Ferry we are also noticing that it is the Gozitans who are crossing to the other side especially to Valletta to visit the capital city “.

While these increases still do not match the number of tourists which the Gozitan tourism sector reached in August 2019, Muscat said that these increases bode well for the tourist season of this year.