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“Gozo saved Malta and homeless persons”

During the Covid-19 pandemic, Gozo was instrumental to to assist homeless persons. 

This was stated by the Fondation for Social Welfare Services’ chief executive Alfred Grixti during TVAM on TVMnews+.

He attributed the increase in homeless people to influences from foreign countries and the Covid pandemic.

Despite that there are various entities in Malta who assist vulnerable persons and those without shelter, the Covid pandemic brought along various challenges that disrupted their work.

Mr Grixti stated that, due to the pandemic, hospitals used their resources on the pandemic and could not continue to assist these persons, while shelters couldn’t continue to receive new persons to counter the virus spread. This led to shelters being turned into temporary residences until the worst of the pandemic passed.

He added that during this challenge, some 100 persons were released from hospital and had no shelter. The Foundation for Social Welfare Services took care of these persons at Dar l-Impenn for a covid test, where they stayed until their result was issued and were then taken to Dar Emmaus and Dar Padova in Gozo.