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Grant of up to €300 to encourage more foreign students to learn English in Malta

The Government allocated one million euro for a new scheme to encourage more foreign students to learn English in Malta, which is intended for students who spend a minimum of 15 nights in Malta and benefit from €10 for every day’s stay.

Foreign students may spend the vouchers at all shops who use the government vouchers scheme and at licenced schools.

Tourism Minister Clayton Bartolo said that the maximum of grants is of €300 for each student, while the vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash money. “Students themselves will have more disposable income to spend in the country; schools will also benefit as we are assisting them to incentivise more students to come over. This sector will also assist in tourism and the recovery of the country’s economic and social aspects”.

Asked on reports that five English schools will close doors, Minister Bartolo said that the Government was in contact with them, adding that this lead to the issue of the vouchers scheme to foreign students. He said that he understands the situation that these schools are facing.

Malta Tourism Authority chairman, Gavin Gulia, said that this sector assists not only tourism from Europe, but also outside the continent and that the scheme is intended to stimulate tourism from this niche while assisting the sector’s recovery.