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Grape-pressing has been hampered by this year’s winds and cold weather

Grape-pressing and the production of wine this year is around 20% down when compared with last year.

At the beginning of the season when grapes are cut for pressing, the Chief Executive of Marsovin, Jeremy Cassar, said that although it has rained a lot which is good for the vines, the wind and cold weather this year have badly affected the cultivation of grapes.

“There was a lot of wind as well, which has not helped with development, especially the flowering period, which has not helped with the production of more quantities, because when the wind comes at the worst time, a very sensitive time, it can affect your production.”

Mr Cassar said that the production of wine in Malta has reached a high level of quality after a lot of investment was made by producers. “We began this process in 2011 with a period of conversion to our estate in Marnisi. We did everything according to the rules: you have three years to convert an estate, produce wine and the first vintage came out last year.”

With different varieties of grape production, from a number of vines which produce different grapes, including two typical Maltese quality grapes, Girgentina and Ġellewza, Mr Cassar said that the industry is welcoming the challenges of competition, and Maltese wine has become very popular.

He said that, however, there is a need for more land dedicated to grapevines, so that it not only increases the production of grapes, but also gives a boost to the environment.

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