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Grief at death of ambulance driver Stephen Camilleri

Many persons have been expressing their grief at the death of Stephen Camilleri, who was known to many through his work as an ambulance driver at Mater Dei hospital.

Camilleri, a father of two children from Marsascala, has died at the age of 48. He will also be remembered as having taken part in a challenge to lose weight some years ago, on the television programme Kilo Challenge.

Persons who spoke with TVM described Camilleri as a good man who did his utmost to help others. Many also posted words of praise for Camilleri on social media, including his colleagues.

A nurse who worked with Camilleri stated that not only did he look out for them whenever they had an ambulance call, but he would also help them in the hospital corridors, even though this was not part of his duties.

A comment that stood out was that of his son, who said that despite the suffering his father was going through, he still remained a unifying force and tried to make others happy.

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