“Groups of people on beaches is worrying” – Prof Gauci

The Superintendent of Public Health said that the situation of groups of people meeting on beaches was worrying.

In today’s medical briefing, Prof Gauci stressed that it was important to maintain social distance, and those who go to beaches should always limit the numbers of people with them and also use all means of mitigation available so as not to spread or catch the virus.

In answer to several questions from journalists on the opening of restaurants, Prof Gauci said that the health authorities had carried out a risk assessment of all the measures that had been put in place last month, and the recommendations in respect of what should be opened was based on a number of mitigation measures.

She said restaurants could be opened if everyone followed the mitigation measures linked to the opening of these outlets.

Asked whether vulnerable people could go to shops and restaurants, Prof Gauci said that they knew what their needs were and they should see to it that they go to safe places and take all necessary measures so as not get infected.

Asked about the opening of churches, Prog Gauci confirmed that the Health Authorities would be meeting with Church authorities to discuss how the Church could continue its services while employing mitigation strategies.

Photo (above) taken on Saturday 16 May at Għajn Tuffieħa

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