Guest almost ruins wedding after offending the groom

In Ancona, Italy, a groom ended up in trouble following an argument which broke out at his wedding ceremony.

The wedding was disrupted when the groom began slapping his wife’s girlfriend in the face, and the Police, as well as an ambulance, had to be called.

Everything started going downhill when the guests had a bit too much to drink.  As a result of the jealousy of one of the female guests, who probably did not accept that the wedding should ever have taken place, an argument broke out when she criticised the celebration.

The groom found out what the guest had said and got up to throw her out of the wedding. However, the argument escalated so much that they ended up exchanging blows.

Although she almost ruined what should have been the couple’s special day, fortunately, no one was injured and neither the groom or the guest filed a police report.

The Police still interrogated the groom and after he explained what had happened, he continued celebrating with his new bride and the rest of the guests.


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