Guidelines for teachers in preparation for the opening of schools in September

The Education Department has published guidelines for teachers and LSEs in preparation for the opening of schools in the end of next September. Education Minister Owen Bonnici said that, while the Government is committed to open schools on the 28th September, it prepared teachers and LSEs at all levels and subjects in case the schools will adapt to different scenarios due to Covid-19.

The guidelines provide schools with different scenarios, including that students who do not attend school daily due to social distancing or in an extreme case it doesn’t open, learning will be done online.

The guidelines published by the Office of the Education Permanent Secretary include the curricula for each educational year – from kindergarten till the secondary level – with teachers and LSEs are guided on how to proceed according to different possible scenarios emerging by the pandemic. The guidelines clearly specify how teachers and LSEs should teach both in case that schools open normally on the 28th September or else they open on a roster system in which a student does not attend school daily so that social distancing may be kept at the school. In an extreme situation, if the Covid-19 escalates, teachers and LSEs were presented with clear guidelines to teach online with the possibility that the school will then open in January 2021.

TVM asked the Education Minister what will happen in this year’s scholastic year.

“We are committed that on the 28th September schools open; we have been preparing since last April on guidelines which were distributed to all teachers; however with the intention of opening next September”.

The Minister was also asked what happens if the teachers’ unions are against the opening of schools.

“To be fair the unions are currently speaking on the guidelines with regards to the children’s health and I committed myself to meet them, as we did when we opened other educational institutions”.

Teachers and LSEs are being encouraged in the guidelines so that for the first lessons, students are given the chance to speak on what they did not understand from the previous scholastic year due to the closure of schools since last March. It is being suggested that if teachers note that students lacked behind in a subject due to lessons lost during the pandemic, for this scholastic year only, teachers may follow suggestions of reduction from the syllabus as indicated by the department.

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