Guilty of stealing jewellery left abandoned in a St Paul’s Bay house

A 42-year-old man from St Paul’s Bay has been found guilty of stealing a woman’s jewellery that had been left in a house they had sold. This after the woman and her husband had left the house after selling it, and the woman no longer used the jewellery.

Patrick Cassar was charged by Inspector Godwin Scerri with having, on 16 May 2019 at about 11.45 p.m., stolen jewellery from a house to the detriment of Simon Galea, and with having tried to steal from a block of apartments to the detriment of the block’s owner, Raymond Vella.

Cassar had been arrested by the Police after they had received information that a man dressed completely in black was loitering around a residence close to a hotel opposite a home, and had thrown a box into a field opposite.

When the Police went on site and arrested the man, they found ten jewellery boxes, five of which were empty and the rest containing gold items, as well as a torch and a set of keys.

Cassar stated that he had gone out for a stroll when he found the jewellery in boxes on the road, and added that he had entered the apartment block to find out the number of a contractor, as he was unemployed.

Galea stated that the house was empty as they had sold it, and his wife stated that she no longer used the jewellery which had been given to her as a gift.

Vella stated that he had found the padlock to the block of apartments had been broken.

After hearing the evidence, Magistrate Rachel Montebello made it clear she did not accept the accused’s version that he had gone out walking, even as he had been found to be carrying a torch.

The Magistrate also did not believe he had entered a building under construction to find the contractor’s telephone number because he was unemployed, and described this version as ‘absurd’ and ‘a banal excuse’.

After hearing the social worker state that Cassar had a drug habit but was motivated to rehabilitate himself, the Magistrate sentenced the accused to three years on probation.