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Youth assaults hospital medical team and lobs stones at their ambulance

Three members of a medical team from the Emergency Department at Mater Dei Hospital were menaced and attacked by a Libyan youth while they were assisting two other youths who required medical assistance. The youth was arrested by the Rapid Intervention Unit.

TVM is informed that the incident took place in the early hours of this morning outside an entertainment outlet in Rabat’s Saqqajja Hill.

Medical assistance was called for at about 4am and was responded to by two ambulances from Mater Dei.

While the medical team was treating two youths requiring medical assistance they were approached by a third youth who became aggressive. He began ordering them to stitch a wound in his head and then to take him home in an ambulance.

Although two Emergency Ambulance Responders and a nurse tried to calm him down, the youth began to threaten them and suddenly punched the nurse in the face. He then began to take stones off a wall and throw them at the ambulance.

Three RIU vehicles arrived on the spot and arrested the aggressive youth. He was then taken to hospital for further treatment by the same medical team he had attacked and it resulted he had received several blows from other persons while he alleged there had been some disorder and he received injuries to his head and lips.

District Police are informed of the incident.

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