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Community workers to help in Valletta social sector

The Valletta Local Council and the Alf Mizzi Foundation have reached agreement to enable the Council make use of community workers to coordinate social work that varies between programmes for the elderly to events for children.

About 1,500 elderly persons make mu the 6,000 that live in the capital, many of them living alone and these are one of the social challenges in the city.

Aware of these challenges the Council entered into the agreement with the Foundation for the Council to be provides with community workers. Valletta Mayor Alexei Dingli said these will coordinate social initiatives with several groups.

The Mayor said the agreement will also enable the Council to have Day Centres at the Council, among other things as well as a Homework Club for children after school hours. A service will also be offered to those elderly persons that live alone and have nobody to look after them and the Council, with the help of other elderly will be able to offer them a service.

On behalf of the Foundation, Julian Sammut, said the Foundation will invest and support initiatives of this kind. He said it is also a source of satisfaction that the Foundation can offer help to the Valletta community.

The Council’s Opposition spokesperson, Robert Cutajar, said this is a clear example how the private sector can work with the Council. Regarding Council reform, Cutajar said eight proposals have been put to the Government and he hoped these proposals will be met, a number of them involving social aspects.

The Parliamentary Secretary for Local Councils and the Community, Silvio Parnis, said the Government welcomes all suggestions aimed at reforms from which people may benefit. He said the Government wants to spread more responsibilities in regions without detracting those of the councils He said it is being proposed that each region will have social workers.

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