A pills overdose ended up at Monte Karmeli Hospital – now recovered and wants to provide courage to others

Mental challenges led her to overdose on pills that almost caused her death.

She spent some days undergoing cure at Mater Deil Hospital and spent months at Monte Karmeli Hospital but today has a more positive attitude to life.

TVM spoke with Josette Grima and the trials she had experienced.

She recalled she had spent two years suffering a depression and almost died after overdosing with pills and had ended up in ITU at Mater Dei.

She said that over years she had experienced family problems and finally decided she could no longer bear the problems and this spurred her malady. She said she had experienced depression, a fear of each day and her mind began to reason she was better off dying.

These were dark episodes but they began to change when help was provided.

She thanked the medics at Monte Karmeli Hospital where all helped each other. She said if she had not been confined there she would not have survived. Now she sees every day as being a beautiful day.

TVM spoke to the Chairman for mental Health Services, the psychiatrist Dr Anton Grech, who said that such a mental stage was curable and emphasised that those going through this phase should immediately resort to help.

He said that mental health is one of the most curable with a success rate. A lot of help and support is available and that Government services provide a lot of help not only through hospitals but also in the community and one should refer to these services.

Today, Josette is aged 51 and looks on life with optimism. She is a mother of two girls and also a grandmother of a girl.

She insisted that she wants to encourage others that after being on the border of death she has recovered to see the beauty of life and those around her.

Josette said life is beautiful and people should not give up. After the storm the weather becomes beautiful and nowadays she feels much better after her illness.