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Haileybury to open international school in former Mtarfa military hospital

The international experience of Haileybury in the education sector was an important factor for the Government to choose this educational institution to manage a new international school in what was the former military hospital in Mtarfa.  Haileybury has ambitious plans and is hoping that within two years, it can begin offering courses at international baccalaureate level. Education Minister Evarist Bartolo said that this educational project answers the needs of investors who wish to give an education based on the international curriculum to their children in Malta.

The former military hospital is expected to open its doors as an international school by September 2021. The project will be in the hands of Haileybury Malta Limited which was set up by the Haileybury educational institution which has 130 years’ experience in this sector with colleges which can be found all over the world, in the UK, Australia, the US and Asia.

Haileybury was chosen to lead this project following an international call for applications and their proposal was unanimously approved by Parliament.

Minister Bartolo described this step as an important one for investors and foreigners in Malta who want their children to undergo a programme of studies which is recognised internationally.

He explained that, apart from primary and secondary level of education, Haileybury will also be extending their programme to kindergarten and post-secondary levels.

”An international baccalaureate provides an educational experience which does not just deal with academic studies and intellectual skills  but even social, personal and sports skills.”

Minister Bartolo explained that the Government looked more at the experience of the investors rather than financial aspects. The lease will start at €50,000 per year, however, Haileybury will carry out a substantial investment by completely restoring  and renovating the building.

”The historical integrity of the building’s interesting architecture needs to be totally protected.  A lot of work needs to be carried out and it is estimated that the expenditure will come to around 12 million Euro. The building may only strictly be used as an international school.”

TVM is informed that investors are also planning to build a football ground near the school building under which there will be a pool. The school will also have music and dance studios. Mtarfa’s football club and drama group will still be allowed to use the facilities. The investors are expected to leave a lot of open spaces around the college while the underground complex containing three operating theatres from the time when it was a military hospital, will be protected.

During the launch of the expression of interest it was stated that the building will be leased for 40 years with a payment of €50,000 for the first five years which will increase to €125,000 for the next five years, and will continue to increase by 8% each year in the following years.

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