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Half a million people infected with Covid-19 worldwide

Those infected with Coronavirus have exceeded half a million cases worldwide while more than 23,000 have died from the virus. More than 120,000 have recovered from this virus.

In Italy, the country most affected by COVID 19, 662 people died today, while 6,153 new cases were confirmed.

Spain has the second highest fatality rate and today the virus claimed 498 other victims, slightly less than the 738 people who died the day before. The death toll in Spain has now increased to 4089. King Felipe of Spain visited the conference centre outside Madrid which was turned in a hospital. This contains more than 5,500 hospital beds and an intensive care unit.

Germany has reported 23 new deaths with the total number of cases now in excess of 3,200.

In China, 67 new cases were reported with 6 deaths.

The coronavirus measures have created further disruption in a village on the border between the Netherlands and Belgium with the road falling on either side of the Netherlands and Belgium. Belgium has announced stricter lockdown rules while the Dutch still have purchasing power and are going about their lives as usual. This has caused disruption in the village. One Belgian man said he could not cross the street and buy anything because he is Belgian.

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