“He looked at me and then closed his eyes for the last time” – Solange Magri

In a first television interview a week after losing their baby boy due to a rare tumour, Solange and Antoine Magri expressed their sorrow and heartbreak over what they had to go through.

Nevertheless, Antoine and Solange said they have to find a means to console others parents who have to undergo a similar heartbreaking situation.

The Magri couple are expected to travel to Sicily to have their baby cremated so as to carry his ashes back to Malta and they spoke for the first time on the programme “Kuxjenza” to be transmitted this evening on TVMnews+.

As experienced by all other parents, the arrival of a new son brings joy as happened with the birth of baby Juan, on 4th August. Antoine and Solange Magri also have a daughter aged five and the birth of Juan continued to enhance their life.

Sadly when Juan was only four weeks old, doctors diagnosed he had a rare cranial tumour which could not be treated or cured.

During “Kuxjenza” on TVMnews+, Antoine and Solange explained how their last weeks were spent in the Rainbow Ward at the Oncology Hospital. Solange said this was indeed a most difficult time.

She said she was in hospital and her husband took a picture on one of the few days when Juan had his eyes open. Her baby boy looked at her and then no longer opened his eyes.

Antoine said doctors informed him there was no hope of a cure and this commenced a Calvary of heartbreak. He said life felt empty when one suffers such a loss but life has to go on. This was a dark episode but such problems have to be faced in the best way possible.

At the Oncology Hospital the Magri family were given the best support possible by the staff and medical team right to the moment when Juan passed away.

Solange said she highly appreciated this support as also of the funds donated to enable them to cremate Juan in Sicily.

She continued saying she highly appreciated the support on Facebook from mothers who had also lost their children because they understand what she is going through and therefore there is mutual support in this path of sorrow.

Antoine and Solange Magri are expected to travel to Sicily for their son Juan to be cremated and to return to Malta with his ashes and this will enable him to provide comfort for them in their own home.