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Towns and villages may now apply for EU Capital for Culture 2031

The Valletta Cultural Agency has issued a call by towns and villages which wish to apply to be appointed EU Capital for Culture in 2031. These have to apply before the end of March.

The Agency’s CEO, Catherine Tabone, said applications may be made on behalf of a region and sustained this is a title of prestige if acquired by a town or a village.

She said such a title, as was seen from the experience of Valletta in 2018, will immensely increase the importance of a locality not only in the country but throughout the EU. A location chosen will be regenerated economically, socially and also from an urban viewpoint, and the name of the location will become household.

Catherine Tabone explained the application is the first stage and is the local part but will then enter a wider phase at EU level.

She said this is just an internal process for Malta because the process to be issued by the EU is launched six years before the date but the Valletta Cultural Agency want to have an idea of the localities that are interested so as to be able to focus on them and assist them. She said one of the points attached to the notification is the Legal Notice that established the Agency and thus coordinates the process.

The CEO continued by saying that the EU Capital for Culture is a platform to regenerate a town or a village, serves as a boost for tourism and provides unique opportunities of motivating quality production by artists and creative persons.