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Public appointments do not conflict with Parliamentary work – Mario Cutajar

In a report published in July as requested by Member of Parliament Godfrey Farrugia, the Commissioner for Standards in Public Life, Dr George Hyzler, described the practice of MPs being employed as Government Consultants as being “fundamentally wrong” because it goes against the spirit of the Constitution.

However, from an analysis carried out by the Permanent Principle Secretary Mario Cutajar with the help of the Attorney General Dr Peter Grech and the expert consultation of Professor Ian Refalo, it has been concluded such appointments do not conflict with Parliamentary work.

Cutajar said these had not agreed with the report’s conclusions and research that has been carried out on other countries shows there is no need to agree with such conclusions.

He said the analysis had been carried out as requested by the Prime Minister and had studied other considerations in Dr Hyzler’s report including that of Persons of Trust in the Civil Service. Cutajar said that although these positions are regulated, it is being recommended that a legal reference of specific legislation be introduced regarding the appointment of MPs in Government entities.

He said this will ascertain the general principles of where MPs may act on Boards or where they should not and finally to recommend the Code of Ethics that covers all those on Government Boards or in administrative entities be amended as required to reflect the whole structure that is under question.

Mario Cutajar while publishing the analysis and legal advice said these will be presented to the Cabinet and will be discussed in permanent committees for standards in public life.

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