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Have Emma and Biondo resumed their romance?

Following rumours that Emma and Biondo ended their relationship, Biondo spoke about their romance.

An interview was published on Sunday on review ‘Di Piu’, which denied the rumours about the end of the romance between the two singers, who had both participated in the Amici programme.

Shortly after ending their adventure in Amici, Biondo and Emma lived together in a Milan home, however they did not last as news spread that their relationship was unsuccessful.

Gossip e TV had reported that Biondo had left the house after a heated argument. It appears that the two singers had many petty arguments, however their last argument blew everything up. The site had reported that Biondo was convinced he lost Emma forever. In its issue, Di Piu’ reported that when his anger proved futile, he realized what Emma meant for him and that he cannot end the relationship on problems that can be solved. Biondo said he put away his sense of proudness, phoned Emma and they agreed to meet.

Meanwhile,  on Sunday Biondo explained on Instagram his position to the fans:

It appears that they are now living again together despite the fact that their busy schedule deprives them of being frequently together.

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