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Have you ever visited China? Share your experience in a new book

Maltese travelers to China may now document their travel experiences in the Asiatic country in a book which is being published by the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta.

The first book ‘China in My Eyes’ provides an overview of the culture, history and traditions of this country which, although it is thousands of kilometres away, has had links with Malta that go back to 50 years.

With over 1.4 billion persons, China has the world’s largest population. Within a period of one year, 73 new skyscrapers were build in the Asiatic nation with some of them classified as the highest buildings in the world.

Experiences and stories of various Maltese who visited China have been included in a book written with the aim of understanding this diverse culture and its impact on visitors.

‘China In My Eyes’ editor Fiona Vella has visited the country and said the idea of the book emanated from groups of persons who annually visit the country through the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta. “China is so different in what one sees and listens to because of its diverse culture and traditions that remain printed in one’s thoughts”.

On the 50th anniversary of China-Malta relations, the Cultural Centre’s director in Malta Yang Xiaolong expressed his joy that experiences of authors, journalists, artists and many others are being included in the book.

“When the artists come back to Malta they create artworks, some even write good articles, some are published on newspapers, some see their artwork and writings even if they haven’t been to China”.

Mario Azzopardi, Cultural director at the Ministry for Culture, was one of the visitors who appreciated his visit, saying that it will remain in his memory. “The things that mostly left an impression was not city life but visits in small villages due to their serenity and lifestyle. Their language has a philosophy in life”.

Visitors to China may write their experiences in this book with a short description and photographs that should be submitted to the Chinese Cultural Centre in Malta not later than the end of this month.