“He used to insist that children should learn to think, because maths and language are not enough,” Prof Dingli

Following the announcement that Prof Edward de Bono had died, many have paid tribute to his memory over the last 24 hours.

During TVAM, Prof Sandra Dingli, who is one of the founding members of the Institute named after Prof de Bono at the University of Malta, said that was a great loss not just for Malta but for the whole world. She explained that she has attended many International conferences and each time she used to be astonished at how well-known Prof de Bono was around the world.

Prof Dingli pointed out that Prof de Bono used to insist that in education, especially with young children, it was important for them to learn thinking skills. She said he believed that the emphasis on maths and language was not enough.

She added that he took certain risks when he began working in the field of creative thinking since it was a completely new topic.

Edward de Bono died at the age of 88. His name was synonymous with theories in lateral thinking and was an internationally renowned academic for his thinking methods which lead to innovative ideas.