Hearing starts in UK for abducted girl to be returned to her foster family in Malta

The House has approved unanimously the second reading of a draft bill amending various laws about sexual crimes and issues regarding the protection of minors.

It was stated in the closing address that since July 70 plans have been approved for children given a permanent living environment with foster parents following the issuing of a care order in their regard and because for various reasons they cannot go back to living with their biological parents.

This was announced by Minister for Solidarity and Social Justice, the Family and Children’s Rights Michael Falzon in his closing address during the Second Reading of the draft bill.

Minister Falzon also announced that the hearing commenced on Wednesday in the UK Court for the girl Arsena to be returned to Malta with the family who brought her up since she was a baby.

Dr Falzon added he was being prudent when referring to the case and had followed events until proceedings started in the UK Court.

Minister Falzon stated that for the first time the Government was legislating so that persons who by force or in a clandestine manner take out of the country under-age children will be considered to have committed a criminal act and may be subject to a maximum three-year prison sentence.