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Heatwave expected to continue this week

The second heatwave, a few weeks after the first one this summer, is having its effects on many persons with the meteorological office predicting that these heatwaves are expected to continue till Thursday as temperatures are expected to be between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures are then expected to go down to an average of 33 Celsius in the following days.

TVM spoke with a number of persons who said that the increase in temperatures is affecting their daily life and their health. When asked if they are taking the necessary precautions, the majority said that they drink two litres of water daily and that their outings are mainly directed to beaches, expect for one particular woman who said that she prefers summer periods all year round.

“The heat doesn’t bother me…..but winter does….I spend the whole day in the sun, such as yesterday from morning till evening”.

Dr Paula Vassallo spoke about the necessary precautions that an individual should take against the heatwave.

“As a Directorate for the Protection of Health we continue with the message to take action against the effect of heat….it is important for a person not to leave home during the hottest hours of the day, to drink a lot of water, wear light clothes, apply sun protection and wear caps and sun glasses. People should also avoid long hours on beaches, alcoholic drinks, tea and coffe and eat fresh food, among others”.

Dr Vassallo also warned against heat strokes and when a person is affected by  symptoms, such as feeling unwell, confused or a possible convulsion, he/she should immediately phone the emergency services.