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In Italy: Concealed €40,000 in an unbaked pie – but his partner baked it

The decision by an Italian entrepreneur, Alberto Vazzoler, to conceal €40,000 in an unbaked pie resulted in him probably having taken one of the worst decisions in his life.

This, not only because the money was burnt to cinders in the oven when his partner decided to bake the strudel pie but also because it provided Police with the necessary evidence to conclude their investigations that Vazzoler was money-laundering and they were thus able to accuse him.

The Police, who had been investigating Vazzoler for some while, listened in on a conversation between his partner Silvia Moro and her sister in which she told her how she had burnt the €40,000 in the oven by mistake.

Vazzoler had started his career as a dentist but during the 90s switched to selling advertisement on internet sites.

He is now being accused of fiscal evasion on a suspected recycling of €40 million.

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