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Her marriage was about to unravel because of a lie

A woman has testified in court that her marriage was about to unravel on account of a lie that was told about her husband. The witness said this during the compilation of evidence being heard against Bartosz Marcin Adruszniec, 42, who stands charged with the harassment,fraud and threats to executives and law firm employees.

Adruszniec is also being charged with theft from a shop and the attempted theft from a house in St Paul’s Bay. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The woman, who is married to one of the law firm’s directors, told the court that the accused, who was one her husband’s employees used to send her messages which compromised her marriage and also constituted a threat to her family’s safety.

She explained that many messages were calculated to break up her marriage, where inter alia the accused had also alleged that her husband had an extramarital affair while traveling abroad for work.

Andruszaniec, who is also a lawyer, sent many WhatsApp messages to the directors of the law firm, called them and sent Instagram photographs while threatening to exact revenge.

Among others things, he also made reference to the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, sending images of a burned home and of a woman’s lacerated leg.

Dr Graziella Tanti appeared for the accused while Dr Stefano Filletti is appearing parte civile. The prosecution is being conducted by Inspector Clayton Camilleri.

A ban has been placed on the publication of the names of the law firm and of witnesses by order of the court.