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Heritage Malta issues denial – no party on the agenda

Heritage Malta has issued a denial, saying that the Mnajdra Temples – included on the world heritage list of sites – will host a concert and party with a DJ of international repute.

The denial came after the organisers advertised the event on social media with many disagreeing that such a historically sensitive site will be used for a party.

Heritage Malta said that the event – which will see the participation of an internationally renowned DJ – will not be held at the Mnajdra temple, adding that the speakers and apparatus would not be inside the temple’s tent and that the temple would serve only as a backdrop for an hour’s filming at sunset.

Curator of Mnajdra temples, Katia Stroud said “the event is filmed, then streamed live for an international audience. Many DJs are picking up o n this idea – not playing for a local audience but playing for an international audience through live streaming. ”

The Curator added that Heritage Malta would be the first to object if a request was made to hold a party at the prehistoric site.

She explained that this activity would simply serve as an advertisement for Maltese historical sites especially among the younger generation and that the organisers were aware of the site’s limitations, among them that there can’t be a live audience.

“The light can’t be strong, they must be LED cold lights so as not to emit heat on the megaliths, the sound must be low and must be outside the tents some distance from the site and can’t vibrate inside the tents. Since this will be filmed, it will be recorded, the music will not be very high because it goes directly into the cameras. ”

She concluded by saying that Heritage Malta officers would be present throughout the filming to ensure that the organizers comply with the conditions imposed on them by Heritage Malta.

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